Vitiva produces a wide range of oxidation management solutions with antioxidant properties. Oxidation management solutions are available as:
  • oil soluble - VivOX® line of products
  • water soluble - AquaROX® line of products
  • highly deodorized, greatly reduced bittemess oil soluble - Inolens® line of products
  • custom made blends of Vitiva`s rosemary oil and / or water soluble extracts with various synergists - SyneROX® line products

Vitiva`s oxidation management solutions are available in powder and liquid form, standardized at carnosic or rosmarinic acid, heat stable and suitable for various applications in food, pet food, cosmetics and nutraceutical industry.
  • VivOX® line of products

    A comprehensive choice of heat stable, oil soluble, and water dispersible products, mostly suitable for savory applications but also for a wide range of other applications including food, cosmetics and nutraceutical. High quality rosemary extracts are standardized to carnosic acid and carnosol to ensure reliable and repeatable performance every time. Available in powder and liquid form, as well as several active concentrations to suite various processing needs.


  • AquaROX®n line of products

    A wide selection of heat stable, water soluble rosemary extracts, of various concentrations, suitable for beverages, cosmetic applications and more. Highly deodorized, mild tea like flavor, standardized to rosmarinic acid to ensure a reliable and repeatable performance every time. Available in powder and liquid varieties, as well as different active concentrations and a wide pallet of colors to satisfy even the most demanding “no color” impact applications, such as near water beverages or white cosmetic creams.


  • INOLENS ® line of products

    Your ultimate choice of heat stable odorless oil soluble, water dispersible rosemary extracts that offer greatly reduced odor and bitterness products. Suitable for various 'taste and smell sensitive' applications including: dairy, bakery, fish, fats and oils, cosmetics and more. The innovation in the INOLENS® line of products is that it cannot be smelled or tasted, opening the door for many new applications where rosemary extract could not be used in the past. Products are standardized to carnosic acid and carnosol to ensure reliable and repeatable performance every time. Available in powder and liquid varieties, as well as various active concentrations to suite different processing needs.

  • SyneROX® line of products

    Developed and manufactured specifically to customer applications and needs, the SyneROX® line is the most customized group of products. SyneROX® varieties are natural and/or semi natural synergistic blends standardized to various active ingredients and are the ultimate choice for high demand applications such as fish and omega oils, milk powders, frying oils, cosmetic oils and creams and more. SyneROX® formulations are available in powder and liquid varieties, and are oil and/or water soluble, heat stable, and highly deodorized.


  • SubSTAR and SubSTAR Complex line of products

    SubSTAR products are breakthrough ingredients used for oxidation management and suitable for rendering and pet food raw materials, as well as final applications. SubSTAR portfolio offers a broad range of unique solutions that are highly effective in protecting rendering meals, fats, kibbles, treats and more. Standardized to various active ingredients, oil and/or water soluble, SubSTAR products are available in liquid and powder forms. They are heat stable and durable, highly deodorized to answer the most demanding needs of our animal customers.

  • TocoVit and Tocostar line of products

    TocoVit and Tocostar are effective lines of natural, non GMO mixed tocopherols of various concentrations for use in the food, feed, pet food and cosmetic industries. Products are oil soluble standardized to natural tocopherols content, ensuring high performance and repeatability every time


  • Protegat products are the best choice for heat stable, oil and/or water soluble rosemary and other botanical extracts used in feed premixes. This portfolio of low flavor, reduced bitterness products is suitable for various dry and wet blends. The Protegat line provide high performance, are cost effective and easy to use.


As an addition to extensive product portfolio of rosemary extracts, Vitiva produces other herbal extracts with powerful active ingredients with different functional properties for use in pet food and animal feed.



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