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What does it take to become industry leader in manufacturing natural rosemary extracts with antioxidative properties and to provide the customers with application specific custom made solutions?


For some it´s a long and much appreciated history. For others it means exceeding industry quality standards. And for others, it´s constant research and development in the manufacture of leading-edge products and progress.


For Vitiva, it´s all of this and beyond, because we know that it is not "about us" at all.

It is about you, our customer.


Vitiva is the largest natural rosemary extract producer in Europe. Located in the northeast of Slovenia, close to the Austrian border. Vitiva started in the early nineties and due to constant business growth moved to new location in 2003.


Our proactive approach in the areas of product, process and analytical methods of development has enabled us to acquire a very rich and diverse product portfolio. Market driven Research and Development, flexible multipurpose production next to a dedicated facility and committed health - conscious consumers who understand the importance of natural ingredients used in food, cosmetics and nutraceutical products.


Our mission is to become a market leader and globally-recognized name for supplying the highest quality natural rosemary and other botanical extracts in forms that are adaptable to modern technology.